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We Safely Hand Clean Rugs From Around The World


Afghanistan     America’s     China     India     Iran     Pakistan     Persia     Turkey

Hand Knotted     Tufted     Woven     Machine Made


Including Natural and Synthetic Fibers

Wool     Cotton     Silk    Nylon     Polyester

Map in Grass

Service Includes


Pick Up & Delivery
7 Step Cleaning Process

Master Oriental Rug Cleaner


Additional Services Available

Odor Removal
Urine Decontamination
Wrap for Storage

Moth Control
New Pad



Hand Sewn Repairs

Side Serging
Fringe Repairs
Moth Control

Step 1: In Home Pre-Inspection

Cole’s Carpet will provide a thorough inspection of your rugs. During this process, we will discuss any areas of concern as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our cleaning process. Next we will properly roll up your rugs and bring them into our cleaning plant for a complete maintenance cleaning.

Step 2: Dry Soil Extraction

Before any cleaning is performed, impacted soils are removed by using "State of the Art" rug dusting machines. Up to 80% of soil in the textile is dry hard soils. Most damage to rugs are cause by these soils. Abrasion can lead to fiber damage, color distortion and loss of many years of use. Our dusting machines provide a gentle vibration allowing the fibers to release this damaging soil. For delicate rugs such as, antique, silk or fur,
we use an air dust method to reduce fiber distortion.

Step 3: Vacuum

Once rugs are thoroughly dusted we vacuum with a "Certified Green" pile lifter on all pile rugs. This machine will further extract soils and lift your fibers for a more thorough cleaning. For delicate, loop or woven style rugs, we use a commercial grade "Hepa Filter" vacuum cleaner for this step.

Step 4: Hand Cleaning

Not all rug needs or cleanings are the same. As a "Certified Master Rug Cleaner" we will perform a gentle full submersion washing. To ensure proper drying,  Rug is then placed in our "State of the Art" rug ringer machine to safely extract excess water. All rugs are cleaned with Safe-Non Toxic and Hypo-Allergenic cleaners.

Step 5: Drying

After rugs are cleaned, we place rugs in a climate controlled drying room in which we utilize temperature, air movement and dehumidifiers to ensure proper, safe and timely drying.

Step 6: Grooming

Once rugs are completely dry, we perform a final inspection, brush out and groom the fringe.

Step 7: Wrap and Deliver

Last, we will wrap your rugs for safe transport back to your home. Once we arrive, we will unwrap and re-lay your rugs for you. If your needs are to store your rugs, Cole’s Carpet also offers the service of wrapping your rugs for storage for an additional charge.

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